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2:32 AM

Went to a hype street called Haji Lane yesterday. If you don't already know, haji Lane has a lot of small shops that sell mostly cute clothes and bags and all of that.
Not rare we found photo shoot session there, the street is just unique. It has many murals and small old buildings that they paint to cute pastel or bright color.
And I found myself quite often visit this street.
I enjoy shopping at this small street as the prices are affordable yet they sell unique stuff.

I went a bit cray cray each time I visit there *or maybe I always cray about shopping*
So, yeah I'll show off my haul to you guys.

Green Ruffles Blouse With Floral Pattern:

One word. CUTE. Ok done. Nothing to argue about this top.
Don't ask me why I got this, because its obviously CUTE!
Got this from a shop called Black Ribbon.

Bustier Top With Floral Pattern:

Woooo Sexy
This makes me even more confuse when I got back home.
Why did I buy this?
I won't dare to wear this outside anyway, so why I got this?
But I still can use this with kimono

Sexy number 2
As confuse as the other one.

Corset Dress:

Ok let's skip this one just because I'll answer your question the same, it's cute.
Got those two bustier tops and this dress from a boutique called Victoria Jomo.

High Waisted Hot Pants:

If I haven't mention that I'm obsessed to SNSD (Girls Generation), now you know. They wear bright colored high waisted shorts or pants a looot.
And I got this for like 15 bucks. Why wouldn't I get this?

Nude Pleated Skirt:

I know I'm very petite and shouldn't wear long-midi skirt.
as long as you feel confident, why nah ?
Got this skirt from Black Ribbon.

 Black Turtleneck Blouse:

Am I wrong if I get excited with the sale sign even though If we think again it isn't that worth the money?
So yeah I got this one from forever 21 for about S$15
I don't know I feel like this worth $10? because it only has so little fabric.
I should have ask for the sleeve cause I paid an extra $5

Black Sleeveless Blouse With Heart Pattern:

I have so many crop tops yet I still keeps buying it.
What else can I do? They are too darn cute.


Since I got no more clothes to show its time to show you the (fake) jeweelss.
I'm not an accessorize-person. For me these things are the last thing on my list. 

Coin Pouch:

I. Need. This.
My last wallet broke into two piece because of coins!
Can you imagine? Broke into two parts!

Bow Tie:

Don't know why I bought this.
*Getting tired writing the blog post*

That's it people! That's what I got from yesterday shopping.
Hope you enjoy my never-end post and see you next time peeps!

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  1. your choosings are very good! How can you have that sopaholic eyes!

  2. The skirt.. omg... LOVE IT!
    I`m following you. :)

  3. Hey, I've awarded you with the Versatile Blogger Award!

  4. Thanks so much for following. It means so much :) I love that maxi skirt, beautiful.

  5. Oh my god i'm so in love with those bustier tops! They're really pretty! Seems like you did some really nice shopping!
    Great blog :)


  6. I love the bustier tops! And everything else you bought to be honest! :D

    whatrebeccasaid.blogspot.com xx

  7. Such cute buys you have there! I love the bustiers, they look amazing! I'm curious how they look on you!

    1. thank youu! hehe, i haven't try the bustier yet. but soon ! :)

  8. I love absolutely everything here, especially the bustiers, so cute!! I need to get myself one of those somewhere =D The dress and skirt are also super pretty, and those red shorts are amazing!!
    I love your style, following you now =D Follow me too??

  9. Wow, what a fantastic haul! I love the corset dress. I'm not comfortable in strapless things either, but just skinny spaghetti straps make me feel a lot better.

    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  10. Hi, I have to say you're blog is PHENOMENAL. I am now following you. I hope you check mine and follow at: http://the-proverbs.blogspot.com thank you for your time. I hope to see you apart of the proverbs.

    god bless,
    steven b.


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