[ 79/366 ] Reunion

1:25 AM

It's been .... 4 years! after I posted my last post.
That's a long long time I know.

To be honest I had been battling to the situation where I couldn't blog anymore.
I got critics from somebody (matters) that my outfits were too much skin-showing (from their perspective) and I need to take it down.
Not only the posts but the whole blog. 
Which basically explains why there's a huge gap in posting time and there are no outfit posts at all on this blog.

Well at least now I have the most understanding partner which always support me doing what I love and I can re-entering myself to the blogging world again.

nobody knew this but I missed blogging so much 'till I don't know how to blog anymore (??)
I don't remember being this confuse on figuring what topics to post.

Besides blogging I decided to upload videos on Youtube too!
Cause I'm not sure if people still read blog nowadays.
However I'm still going to keep and update regularly here as well as on Youtube.

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