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7:20 PM

Do you have that women which inspires you the most, you need to know everything about her? Or maybe the one that makes you sexually confuse?
Well I have some.


I hate her! I hate her for making me crazy about everything Lilly Collins.

She's very pretty, very talented, She has a nice fashion style too, and I love how she resembles Audrey so much.
It's like I see, Perfection!
Oh my I feel like under her spell or something.

She chopped off her hair sometime ago and to be honest I prefer her long hair. But that doesn't make her any less gorgeous :)



Anna Banana. This Woman is sweet as banana.
She's literally like the next Meryl Streep! Such a talented actress.
The first time knew her was from The Princess Diaries then I keep fall in love and follow most of her movies.


Beside her pretty looking face, she has a very beauty healthy body.
She really knows the different between sexy healthy body and skinny bones.
I love the way she carry herself as a public figure.
She said "I just think it should be illegal to call somebody fat on TV," and she add "Because why is humiliating people funny."
Oh and I'm very impressed with her acting skills in JOY! She really manage to brings out the feels to the audience. Ugh, what a woman!



I don't think Miranda will ever gets old. Literally.
I mean look at that baby face and dimples!
She doesn't even look like someone who already has a kid.
She's smart, multi talented, fashionable, great business woman, great mommy, perfection!
I hope she'll soon find a wonderful guy who are forever gonna be a great husband and father for Flynn.
Cause I don't want to see an angle like her gets hurt again.



I knew Karlie just like I knew Miranda, from Victoria Secret.
I didn't know much about her before I found her Youtube channel. 
I never thought that I'll fall in love with her personality.
Even though that's what she showed.
But at least I know more about Karlie where she's not on the stage or magazine.
To me she's very humble, open minded, sweet and original person just like all of us! but prettier, taller, richer, smarter, and more in everything else!


So who are your women crush peeps ?

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